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Due to increased traffic and safety issues we are exploring other routes for Tuesday nights.

Level: All (A, B & C)

Terrain: Flat to moderately rolling hills with very low traffic

Start: China Spring Elementary (200 Bob Johnson Rd, China Spring, TX 76633)

Wheels down Tuesday at 5:45 pm

There will be a 90 second interval between A, B, and C group roll-outs.

31 and 36.8 mile options – clockwise this week

31 mile route – Strava link

36.8 mile route – Strava link

“A” Level: Average speed is 19 mph plus, with max speeds in the mid-30’s. Group riding experience is required as revolving pace lines are used extensively. This is a drop ride.

“B” Level: Average speed is 15-18 mph, with max speeds in the mid/upper-20’s. Previous group riding experience is recommended. The B group may split into faster/slower groups (B1/B2). B1 will run at the upper end of the average speed range and re-group at least once between the split and end of the ride. B2 will stay in the lower/middle portion of the average speed range, and is a regroup group. It’s recommended that B riders are able to average at least 15 mph solo over a 20 mile distance.

“C” Level: Average speed is 13 – 15 mph. This is a no drop ride, and geared towards cyclists with some group riding experience and/or those building a fitness base or desiring a more sociable ride. C’s will go at the pace of the slowest rider and stay together for the entire ride. This is not a beginner ride. It is recommended that C riders are familiar with their equipment and are able to average 13 mph solo over a 20 mile distance.